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"Denver jazz saxophonist Pete Wall riffs feverishly on his horn, the notes whirling atop interlocking layers of rhythm laid down by a bongo player and a DJ mixing deep house-dance beats on a pair of turntables." -- High on the Vibe, D Holthouse, Westword

"the addition of Pete Wall just gave the project its own unique character and flare." -- Game 7 review, B Johnson, The Marquee Mag

"When featured in his own project, Pete Wall reflects the overall musical capacity of a well-trained powerhouse. " -- Textiles Live, J Picard, MusicMarauders

"Most notable of which may have been Pete Wall who seemed to blast off about midset. He brought a new dynamic to his sound and was virtually evolving right before a captivated audience." -- Game 7, N Stock, SummerCamp Fest review

"Friday night Tea Leaf Green guitarist Josh Clark ducked in along with sax guru Pete Wall " --

"Textiles, a weekly beat happening that fuses the prolific talents of local jazz saxophonist Pete Wall with those of Denver trip-hoppers Equulei" -- Best of Westword

"Favorite DJ experience: We had...Pete Wall on sax & flute,...and me on the decks. We opened up for a sold out Herbie Hancock show at the Boulder Theater." -- DJ Ivy
"Pete is a phenomenal sax player in the Denver area. He played tasty lines and kicked the party into high gear. " -- Particle review, B Yeakel, MusicMarauders

"Pete Wall is a monster, seriously...." -- D Flomberg, Denver Post

"Musicians often test their own limits when they try to make Radiohead their own, but Wall's saxophone solo put those fears to rest." -- N Callaio, Westword